The Beneke Corporation began in 1893, in Chicago, as Findeisen-Kropf Manufacturing Company. In the early years the company manufactured bedroom furniture, chairs, pinball machines, and toilet seats. In 1918, Henry Beneke, Sr. became a partner of the company and, within five years, purchased the holdings of Mr. Findeisen and Mr. Kropf to form Beneke Manufacturing Company. In 1939, a decision was made to move the company to Columbus, Mississippi in order to be closer to their primary wood source.

Edward Beneke, son of Henry Beneke, Sr., became President of the company in 1948. Under his leadership, in 1954, the Beneke Research & Development Division developed a process for molding wood seats out of sawdust and resin; thus, the “Tuffy” brand toilet seat was born and recognized worldwide. In 1956, Beneke strengthened the organization with the introduction of Magnolia Products; a move which marked the first time a major toilet seat manufacturer marketed seats through two completely separate channels of distribution – Beneke Products for the commercial/construction market and Magnolia Products for the retail replacement seat market.

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