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One of the parts of a toilet seat that get worn out with time is the toilet seat hinges. These hinges are located at the rear of the toilet seat and serve to raise and lower the seat. Over time these hinges break or get worn out and should be replaced. If your toilet seat hinges are broken, you do not need to change the whole toilet seat, only the hinges. With the right tools and spare parts in hand you can easily replace your toilet seat hinges.

Step 1 – Remove the Seat

Lift up the toilet seat lid. You will see two hinges at the base of the lid. Remove the screws that hold the hinges to the lid and remove the lid.

Step 2 – Remove the Protective Caps

Open the protective caps on the hinges. You will need to use the flathead screwdriver to do this. Pry open the protective caps on the hinges.

Step 3 – Remove the Bolts

Under each of the protective caps there are bolts held in place by a nut. Remove them by unscrewing them with your hands.

Step 4 – Remove the Hinges

Once the bolts are free, remove the hinges.

Step 5 – Purchase New Hinges

Take these old hinges with you to the hardware store and get replacements for them. Make sure they are the same size and compatible to the toilet lid.

Step 6 – Fix the Hinges

Remove the hinges from its packaging and attach it to the toilet seat, making sure the screws are tight.

Step 7 – Remove the Protective Caps

Remove the protective caps from the hinges so that they can be inserted into the toilet base

Step 8 – Align the Hinges

Align both hinges to the holes on the base of the toilet seat.

Step 9 – Fix the Bolts

Once you have inserted a bolt with its washer into its hole on the toilet base, take the nut and screw it onto the bolt on the bottom of the toilet. Use a screwdriver to tighten the bolt, while holding the nut with your hand.

Step 10 – The Second Bolt

Use the same method in step 9 to fix the second bolt. Once you have finished fixing the bolt make sure it is tightened properly.

Step 11 – Replace the Protective Caps

Take the two protective caps and replace one on each bolt on the hinges.

Step 12 – Checking the Toilet Seat Hinges

Check the toilet seat hinges by raising and lowering the toilet seat. It should work fine if you have followed the steps.

That’s it. You have successfully replaced the toilet seat hinges for your toilet.